Liam Grey

Opened With Love And Family


Liam Grey was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1984. Born in a country where the norms did not suit his ideas, Liam embraced all the challenges that came his way with open arms to pursue his ideal life. He is a firm believer in living and letting live and preaches that life should be enjoyed no matter the circumstances.

Liam hustled to live between Iraq and Turkey for some time before permanently settling in Toronto. Thus, his personality reflects a blend of the middle east and the west.

Growing up, drama and the supernatural have been his forte; his life revolves around these two things. However, as Liam is a creative genius, he plays with multiple thoughts to develop the most extraordinary ideas, making him stand out among the crowd.

Never one to settle for less, Liam has always pursued his interests with dedication. For instance, he graduated with a degree in Agriculture Engineering and a Master’s in Soil Physics. He is now an accomplished author.

When it comes to character, Liam possesses hilariously dry and dark humor. He would nail (a slang for troll – so that you know) anybody with his words, leaving them shook and sharing laughter with everyone. What’s amazing is that this humor regurgitates mysteriously because if there is an attempt to troll Liam, then brace yourself for a plethora of kill shots coming your way in the form of hilarious jokes.

Despite his public persona, Liam is a deeply emotional person. To let it all out, though, he often writes poems in Arabic that advocate his feelings, the ones he prefers to keep to himself. His unique background, combined with his diverse interests and professional experiences, make him a one-of-a-kind individual who is always pushing the boundaries and striving for more.


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