About Doors

Based on the life of an ambitious man, Hassan, who was born in Baghdad and moved to Canada amid the regional rifts to pursue his ideal life. But, as he was born in a conservative state, being a gay Muslim made him undergo testing times.
He possesses a charismatic personality; he is a handsome man with green eyes blessed with the gift of love and friendship. Since he was gay, and on top of that, a Muslim, he could not afford to live in Baghdad anymore. Moving to Canada was not it, though. He found love there, made great friends, and brought positive energy and spark wherever he went. As he progressed in life, hardships continued to follow him. He got diagnosed with HIV, which he got from his lover, but that did not slow him down since he was resilient and ready to take on anything that crossed his path.
Due to an influencing attribute, everybody looked up to him. He moved forward in his life, made others do the same, and was never disappointed with his past. It was when he found love again, something he had not anticipated after contracting HIV, and went on living the rest of his life with him, but at the cost of being kidnapped and getting tortured for days and eventually losing a close friend.
Because of his dedication and devotion toward his loved ones and the irrepressible persona, Hassan continued to live the rest of his life overcoming the hurdles not just for himself but also for others to bring comfort and happiness in their lives and promote compassion.

Why Doors?


Doors (Memories and Fears) based on real-life stories mixed up with a little fantasy. Memories are tricky; every memory is a door to connect the past with the present and the future. And Hassan (the main character), has so many doors. Some of them opened with pain, some of them opened with anger, and some of them opened with love and family. Every door has one key and a special part of Hassan that will always keep hidden. Hassan has some fears, but he avoided facing them until he was forced to walk into his mind, open every door, and meet what was behind them.

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