Marlie is a friend of Scott’s. Scott is a gay man who has a shining personality. Marlie is such a delicate flower, and she is a good friend with an amazing soul. But unfortunately, Marlie does not love herself because of her weight. All people were bothering her and making fun of her. She never felt secure or loved. Can you blame her? But she has one friend who cares deeply about her.
Marlie has a boyfriend, which Scott does not like. He told her many times that she deserved better, but her insecurities drove her t to accept him until that day came. The day she found him kissing another woman.
She walked away without any words. She went to Scott’s place and the tears in her eyes. As soon as Scott opened the door, he realized that Marlie had found out about her boyfriend. He hugged her and told her that she would find the right person on time. She sat on the couch, feeling sorry for herself, crying as if she was a loser.
Scott couldn’t hide his anger and let it all out at that moment. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop eating up yourself. Wake up, Marlie”. Marlie looked at Scott and said, “What do you care about? You have a perfect life, a perfect body and a wonderful boyfriend who loves you. I am the fat friend you keep around to feel good about yourself…”.
Before finishing her sentence, Scott slapped her so hard and yelled, “Stop this nonsense and stop this pity party. I don’t keep you around to feel good about myself. You are my best friend, and I love you. But, if you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Marlie, you are an amazing person, but your insecurities will bury you alive. I don’t see you as a fat friend I feel sorry for; you are the one who feels sorry for herself.”
Marlie, with tears, said, “I am sorry.”. Scott looked at her, hugged her, and said, “Don’t ever say sorry to me and don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. Always remember I care about you. I will always be on your side.”.
Marlie asked Scott to help her lose weight, but Scott told her if she was doing that for herself, he would help. But if she were doing that to please anyone, he would not help her.
Marlie wiped her tears, and for the first time, she got rid of her insecurities and answered Scott with confidence, “I am doing it for me.”.
Scott smiled and hugged Marlie and told her that she needed to show some skin to keep guys interested.”. Marlie laughed and said that she wished he was into girls. Scott asked Marlie to be the one who would give him away at his wedding. Marlie hugged Scott and thanked him.
Three months later, at the wedding. Marlie walked Scott to his to-be husband in a blue dress. Everyone was looking at her and how amazing was she. She looked very different, and no one recognized her as she walked with a magical smile. Her ex was there and followed her after the ceremony.
Michael stood behind her and said, “Marlie! you look amazing.”. She turned around with a smile and said, “Hi Michael, I didn’t see you there. How are you doing?”. Michael told her he was doing fine and asked her how she was doing. She answered I am doing great, which encouraged Michael to ask his question. I was thinking of getting back together if that is possible,” Michael suggested. Scott listened carefully to what Marlie was about to say. Marlie, with a smile, replied, “The best thing you ever did to me was walking away. Have a good life.”; then she turned to Scott to talk.
Suddenly, someone came from behind Scott and asked him why he didn’t introduce him to the lovely lady and why he was hiding her. Scott turned and saw his brother, “I thought you won’t make it.”, Scott told his brother.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”, Malcolm replied. Scott hugged his brother and whispered that she was not like other people he would meet to his brother’s ears.
Malcolm looked at Marlie and introduced himself, and Marlie did the same. Then, Malcolm asked Marlie if she would like to dance, to which she agreed. But before dancing, Malcolm added, “Before that, you tell my lady if you would go out with him for dates sometimes to know each other if she was single and interested.”. Marlie smiled and replied that she would love that.
Scott was watching them from far. Then, finally, he realized the look on his brother’s face and told himself there was nothing to worry about.



  • Jaime Lee Rolland says:

    I’m glad Scott helped Marlie come to her senses and get away from Michael. Scott inspired her to change her life with some tough love! Great read!

  • Lucy L says:

    Story of my life….
    Thanks for sharing…

  • Regina G. says:

    Your story, “Delicate Flower… Love Yourself,” is a touching narrative about self-acceptance, the power of friendship, and transformation. It beautifully portrays the journey of Marlie, supported by her friend Scott, as she learns to love herself and moves past her insecurities. The tale also subtly addresses issues like body shaming and the importance of being valued for who you are, not just for your appearance.

    The relationship between Marlie and Scott is particularly compelling. Scott’s role as a supportive and honest friend who helps Marlie confront her insecurities is crucial. His tough love approach, although depicted dramatically, serves as a catalyst for Marlie’s change. However, the physical altercation (Scott slapping Marlie) is a concerning element that might not be well-received by all readers, as it could be seen as promoting violence. In storytelling, it’s generally more effective and appropriate to resolve conflicts through dialogue and emotional expression rather than physical actions.

    The transformation of Marlie, both internally and externally, is inspiring. Her journey from self-doubt to confidence, culminating in her radiant appearance at the wedding, symbolizes her newfound self-esteem. The encounter with her ex-boyfriend and her poised response highlights her growth and the shift in her perspective about herself and what she deserves in life.

    The introduction of Scott’s brother, Malcolm, at the end adds a hint of romance and possibility for Marlie, suggesting a hopeful future. It’s a nice touch that shows Marlie moving forward in her life, not just in terms of self-acceptance but also in opening up to new relationships.

    Overall, your story is a heartwarming tale of personal growth, friendship, and the journey to self-love. It underscores the importance of supportive relationships in overcoming life’s challenges and the transformative power of self-acceptance.

  • HEERS says:

    A large percentage of of whatever you mention happens to be surprisingly precise. Your piece truly did turn the light on for me as far as this subject matter goes.

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