Is my silence bothering you?
Is my weakness entertaining you?
Let me remind you of the past that makes you cry
Even if I am weak, even if I am lost
I was hoping you would not allow yourself to think nor for your sick imagination to give me so much
Yes, my soul has been weakened
Yes, my ambition has died
Yes, my wounds have multiplied
Yes, my candles went out
Not because I have no hope
But living is not worth it with people like you in the world
Don’t hurt me, don’t step on my wounds, and do not conjure up the devil that inhabits my soul
If you forget, let me refresh your memory
I am that fear that was in your eyes
Followed by the sound that would shake your ears like an earthquake
I’m that damn terrifying monster mentioned in every legend
I am the wind that carves the rock and uproots trees
I am that terror that creeps into the hearts of men
I am the flood; I am calm and disobedient
Beware of my return, and don’t let out the fire that I locked between my ribs



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