My heart is broken, shattered into a million pieces
Each fragment a reminder of the love that’s now deceased
The pain is all-consuming, a constant ache that never ceases
I try to move on, but the memories refuse to release

The nights are the hardest, when the world is quiet and still
Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, lost in thought
Wondering where it all went wrong, what I could have done to fill
The void that now consumes me, leaving me distraught

I thought we had forever, that our love was built to last
But now I’m left with nothing but a heart that’s torn apart
I try to pick up the pieces, but they slip through my grasp
Leaving me feeling helpless, with no way to restart

The tears flow freely, a constant stream down my face
As I mourn the loss of what we once had
I try to find solace in memories, but they’re a bitter taste
A reminder of what’s gone, leaving me feeling sad

But I know I’ll get through this, that I’ll find love again
It may take time, but I’ll heal from this pain
I’ll learn from my mistakes, and start anew my journey then
And maybe one day, I’ll find love that will sustain.

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