My heart was a toy,
For someone to play with and enjoy.
They twisted and turned it,
As if it were a mere trinket.

They pulled and tugged at its strings,
Causing me a great deal of suffering.
They played with my emotions and feelings,
As if it were all part of their dealings.

But I was naive and foolish,
To have given them my heart so devoutly.
I thought they would cherish it,
But instead they played with it callously.

Now I’m left with a broken heart,
A toy that’s been discarded and torn apart.
I wish I could take back what I gave,
But my heart was taken, a slave to their game.

So beware of those who seek to play,
With your heart in a cruel and heartless way.
Protect it fiercely and guard it well,
Or risk being left with a broken heart to quell.


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