The silence creeps in,
A constant reminder of my lonely sin.
No one to hold, no one to share,
Just me and my thoughts, a heavy burden to bear.

The world around me moves so fast,
But I’m stuck in this moment, a thing of the past.
Alone in my room, I struggle to find,
A way to escape this prison of my mind.

The ache in my heart grows stronger each day,
As I watch the world go by, fading away.
The emptiness inside, a deepening void,
A cruel reminder that my heart is destroyed.

I try to put on a brave face,
But the pain is too much, too hard to erase.
I long for a touch, for someone to care,
But there’s no one here, just me and despair.

The darkness surrounds me, a suffocating shroud,
As I cry out for help, but hear only the sound,
Of my own voice, echoing back,
A cruel reminder that I’m under attack.

So I sit in the silence, alone with my thoughts,
A prisoner of my own mind, consumed by its knots.
A long sad poem is all I can write,
As I try to make sense of this endless night.

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