In shadows cast by friendships once so bright,

A tale unfolds of trust’s unraveling plight.

Betrayal’s bitter sting, a silent storm,

Within these verses, I shall now transform.

Once, we walked a path, hand in hand,

Through fields of dreams in a golden land.

Two souls entwined, as close as kin,

In a world of hope, where trust did begin.

But lo, the seeds of doubt were sown,

Innocence withered, and trust was overthrown.

Whispers of deception, secrets held tight,

Behind smiling faces, concealed from sight.

A subtle shift in the winds of fate,

As loyalty faltered, and trust became weight.

Actions spoke louder than words so sweet,

Betrayal’s cruel dance, complete.

Friendship, once a fortress, now torn asunder,

The bonds that held us, now broken asunder.

The truth revealed, like a dagger’s thrust,

In betrayal’s cruel game, we both lost trust.

With wounded hearts, we drift apart,

Once close allies, now worlds apart.

The scars run deep, the pain endures,

In the wake of betrayal’s haunting cures.

Yet, amidst the wreckage, lessons learned,

In the ashes of trust, new bridges are earned.

For betrayal’s darkness can birth the light,

A chance for forgiveness, to make things right.

In this tale of friendship’s rise and fall,

We find the strength to mend the wall.

To heal the wounds, to forgive, to mend,

And rebuild the trust, once lost, my friend.

For in betrayal’s crucible, we find the way,

To a stronger bond that will never sway.

Through trials endured, we grow and learn,

In the end, it’s trust we must discern.

So let this story be a cautionary call,

To cherish the friendships that stand tall.

And when the shadows of betrayal loom,

May trust and forgiveness forever bloom.


  • Angela Chiarelli says:

    Life is too short to hold onto anger….
    When a person is betrayed its because the betrayer once suffered betrayal themselves. This is why so many people lack the capability to love unconditionally due to fear of betrayal. True friendship or love is when one loves without condition or fear of rejection.

    This is beautifully written Liam . You never cease to amaze me with your genuine talents.

  • Boblak says:

    I love it!

  • Leo says:

    Great topic.

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