In the quiet of the evening, when the stars begin to gleam,
Lurks a shadow, barely seen, in the corners of your dream.
With a whisper, soft and fleeting, like a secret never told,
There’s a face you’ll keep on meeting, in the night so dark and cold.

My face will haunt in your dreams, tonight and every night,
A phantom dance in moonlight’s beams, just out of sight.
In your slumber, you’ll find me, where the silent whispers fight,
My face will haunt in your dreams, in the absence of the light.

Through the hallways of your mind, where your deepest fears reside,
You’ll see eyes that softly bind, where the truths and shadows collide.
In a moment, lost in time, where the waking worlds blur,
There my visage, will you find, a memory’s faint whisper.

In the depths of your dreams, where secrets are kept,
My face, a silent sentinel, where your thoughts have slept.
In the echoes of your mind, where forgotten tales weep,
There, my presence, you’ll always find, in the land of sleep.

My face will haunt in your dreams, tonight and every night,
A specter in the silent streams, a vanishing sight.
In the realm of your slumber, where shadows take flight,
My face will haunt in your dreams, a never-ending plight.

So, close your eyes, and drift away, to where dreams and darkness blend,
My face, a constant stay, in the night that never ends.
In your dreams, I’ll always be, a whisper in the night,
My face, you’ll always see, just beyond the light.


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