Falling in love with a heart of stone,
Is like being trapped between walls all alone.
Playing the saddest, most heartbreaking tone,
Knowing deep down, your heart is not your own.

It’s a feeling of being lost in the dark,
A journey that leaves an everlasting mark.
A tale you know too well but can’t help but embark,
On a path that leads to a broken heart.

At first, it seems like a fairy tale romance,
But soon, you realize it’s a game of chance.
Trapped in a web of deceit and lies,
You start to question if it’s all worth the price.

As the walls get higher, and the distance grows,
You start to feel like you’re losing all your clothes.
Your heart shatters into a million pieces,
As you watch the love of your life as she exits.

Without even a start, your world falls apart,
And you are left alone with a broken heart.
But, the worst part is not the pain you feel,
It’s the thought that someone else is making them heal.

Is my pain amusing you? Are my tears pleasing you?
I wish I knew the answer, but I’m lost and confused.
Falling in love with a heart of stone,
Is a mistake I’ll never make again, for I now know,
The pain it brings, and the heartache it can send.


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