In moments ordinary, you appeared, a spell so sweet,
With laughter echoing, in every beat, a joyful feat.
Your messages, like stars at night, in darkness, a guiding light,
In your gaze, a world so right, a haven in my sight.

We shared meals, stories, dreams so bright,
In your words, my soul took flight.
You listened close, understood my plight,
In your embrace, I found my might.

But then, a shadow fell, a truth untold,
A side of you, dark and cold.
In others’ eyes, the story rolled,
A side of you, not seen, but bold.

Was it hope that made me blind,
To think your heart was only kind?
Yet in this pain, what could I find,
But a truth, harsh and unkind?

“Why walk this path again?” I ask,
In love’s elusive, daunting task.
A loop of pain, in which I bask,
In your orbit, I wear a mask.

I gave you all, my heart, my soul,
In your hands, I lost control.
A shadow over my bright goal,
In your chains, I played my role.

Was it fear of being alone,
That made me seek a heart of stone?
In your lies, a comfort zone,
But in your grip, I felt dethroned.

Yet, from the ashes, a spark arose,
A sense of self, against the blows.
“I ain’t no angel,” my spirit chose,
With these words, my strength grows.

Step by step, I walk away,
From shadows past, in light, I sway.
A new path, in bright array,
In my story, I have a say.

So now, I walk with head held high,
Underneath the endless sky.
From broken wings, I dare to fly,
In every tear, a lesson, a battle cry.

For love, I long, but not at cost,
Of self, of soul, no longer lost.
A heart now free, no longer tossed,
In seas of pain, I’ve paid the cost.

In this tale of love and strife,
Of sunny days and stormy life,
I’ve found a truth, sharp as a knife:
In my own heart lies my life.

No longer chained, no longer tamed,
In my own light, I’m proclaimed.
From love’s fierce fire, I’m now unframed,
A life of love, anew, I’ve claimed.


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