In a dimly lit, eerily silent hospital room, Hassan felt an ominous presence that stirred a deep, unsettling fear within him. He glanced down at his feet and saw a chilling sight: his own figure, seated at the edge of the bed, eyes glinting malevolently in the shadowy light.

“Do you recognize me? I am the embodiment of your deepest fear,” the sinister apparition spoke in a voice that dripped with contempt.

“You’ve always denied my existence, casting me aside, refusing to acknowledge me as an integral part of your being. And for that, you shall suffer. Your life will be marred by misery and isolation. I’ll ensure that everything you cherish, everything you dare to love, is irrevocably tainted by my touch. Escape is futile; there’s no place to hide, no way to fight back. You’ve become nothing but a hollow shell, a mere specter of yourself. It’s tragic, really. You could’ve embraced your darkness, accepted me, but instead, you chose to play the saint, craving the adoration of others. Your pathetic longing for love, it’s laughable. But now, it’s too late. You’re consumed by me, devoured by the fear you once shunned.”

Overwhelmed by despair, Hassan shut his eyes, unable to face the dark manifestation of his own fears.

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