In the shadows of the night,
Where whispers dance in the pale moonlight,
There’s a figure cloaked in mystery,
An angel of darkness, a silent symphony.

Angel of darkness, with wings unfurled,
Gliding through the secrets of the world,
In your eyes, a story untold,
A dance of fire and ice, so bold.

Through the echoes of the past,
In a realm where shadows are cast,
You move with grace, yet unseen,
A spectral presence, both feared and serene.

Angel of darkness, in the moon’s embrace,
A paradox of terror and grace,
In your flight, the stars align,
A cosmic ballet, eternally thine.

In the heart of the night, where dreams collide,
You’re the keeper of secrets, where truths hide,
A guardian of the lost, in the starlit sky,
An enigma wrapped in a lullaby.

In the quiet of the dawn,
When the night’s fears are gone,
The angel of darkness fades away,
Waiting to return, at the close of day.

Angel of darkness, a fleeting sight,
A whisper of mystery in the night,
In your absence, the world yearns,
For the angel of darkness, until it returns.


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