In the realm where shadows sway and linger,
Where whispers haunt, and memories finger,
In that dim, forsaken hall of night,
Lies the tale of my heart’s fragmented light.

Piece by piece, a mosaic of sorrow,
Each fragment a tale, a lost tomorrow.
They lie scattered, shards of a mirror broken,
Mute testimonials of love unspoken.

In the first shard, a love that was bright,
Burned fiercely, then faded from sight.
Its warmth now but a cold, vacant stare,
Leaving naught but echoes in the air.

The second, a trust so cruelly betrayed,
Promises made, then carelessly flayed.
It left a wound, deep and unkind,
A cavernous void, that no light could find.

In the third, a dream unfulfilled,
A song unsung, a field untilled.
It withered, untended, in the garden of hope,
Choking on the noose of a hangman’s rope.

The fourth, a loneliness so profound,
A suffocating silence, an endless round.
An empty chamber in the heart’s domain,
Where joy once lived, now only pain.

Fifth, the weight of unshed tears,
A burden carried through the years.
Each drop, a memory, a moment lost,
A frost that no sun could ever defrost.

Sixth, the echo of a goodbye unsaid,
An unending journey, a path of dread.
It’s the silence after the falling of a star,
A reminder of how fragile we are.

In the seventh, the shadow of regret,
A history written in tears and sweat.
It’s the might-have-been, the could-have-done,
A race against time that was never won.

Eighth, the fear of what lies ahead,
A future uncertain, a path of dread.
It’s the whisper of doom in the dead of night,
A shiver of cold in the waning light.

Ninth, the ghost of a smile, long gone,
A melody lost, an unfinished song.
It’s a dance in the dark, a vanishing spark,
A flame extinguished in the vast, stark dark.

In each shard, a story, a fragment of me,
A puzzle of pain, a lock without key.
These pieces of heart, in darkness they dwell,
In the depths of a personal, silent hell.

Together they form a tapestry of ache,
A portrait of loss, for my own sake.
In the sad, dark poem of my heart’s debris,
Lies the story of what it means to be me.

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