In the realm where shadows meet the light,
Two mighty beings clash in endless fight,
One cloaked in darkness, wings of night,
The other ablaze, in fiery might.

The Angel of Gloom, with feathers like coal,
Harbinger of doubts that darken the soul,
With eyes like voids, it pierces the heart,
Spreading its whispers to tear will apart.

Opposing, the Angel of Radiant Flame,
Guardian of hope, with glory to claim,
Its wings are the sunset, its sword is the dawn,
A force unyielding, it battles on.

They meet at the edge of a fractured mind,
Where thoughts are storms, and fears are enshrined,
A spectacle grim, yet dazzlingly bright,
The eternal struggle ‘twixt gloom and light.

The dark one lunges with talons of fear,
Sowing the seeds of despair far and near,
Each slash a doubt, each beat a lie,
Crafting a shroud ‘neath the mind’s eye.

The golden one parries with truth as its shield,
A beacon of strength that refuses to yield,
Its fiery plumes inscribed with dreams,
With every strike, the darkness screams.

This war, a reflection of inner strife,
A common tale in the book of life,
Where each of us, in our own way,
Must choose which angel we obey.

For within our hearts, these battles rage,
From the tender youth to the wizened age,
And victory lies not in the might,
But in the choice ‘twixt dark and light.

So, behold the dance of shadow and flame,
An inner self fight, by any other name,
A reminder stark that at any hour,
We hold the reins of our own power.


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