“Echoes of Loss”

The memories of our love,
Echo in my mind,
But now you’re gone,
Leaving me behind

The laughter we shared,
The tears we shed,
All faded away,
Leaving me feeling dead

The people we lost,
The things we can’t regain,
Life moves on,
But it’s not the same

I’m left broken,
Empty and alone,
Wondering when I’ll find,
A place to call home

“Gone Without a Trace”

You were here one moment,
And gone the next,
Leaving me with memories,
And a heart that’s vexed

Our love was a flame,
That burned so bright,
But now it’s gone,
Lost in the night

I search for you,
In every face I see,
But you’re gone without a trace,
Leaving me to be

The things we shared,
The people we knew,
All lost to time,
And I’m left feeling blue

“The Weight of Loss”

The weight of loss,
Is heavy on my heart,
The people we’ve lost,
And the love that fell apart

The memories we shared,
Now seem so far away,
And every waking moment,
Is a struggle to get through the day

The things we had,
Are gone forever,
Leaving me feeling lost,
And my soul to wither

“Empty Spaces”

There are empty spaces,
Where you used to be,
The love we shared,
Is now a memory

The people we knew,
Are no longer around,
And every time I look,
I’m left feeling down

The things we had,
Are gone with the wind,
And I’m left with emptiness,
And a heart that’s thinned

“Shattered Dreams”

Our dreams were shattered,
Along with our love,
Leaving me feeling broken,
And looking above

The people we lost,
And the things we can’t regain,
Have left me feeling hollow,
And struggling with the pain

The memories we shared,
Are now bittersweet,
And every day I’m left,
Feeling incomplete.

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  • Aldo says:

    “Gone without a trace” was my favorite one as it really hit home for me. When a loved one leaves, you really try to find the same feeling and attach emotions but it’s almost impossible with anyone new.

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