I had the same dream last night. It felt very real, and it left me wondering if it was a vision, not a dream.
I dreamt I was trying to hide from the planes’ attacks. I managed to hide in the wreckage of a building. I still can see some bodies on fire. I was frozen by fear; I couldn’t help it. Suddenly, I heard a girl ask her mother to move, and the bomber got louder and louder. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and ran to the girl and her mother. I took them inside the wreckage. The girl was looking at me with great surprise on her face.
I was breathing fast. The girl touched my hand, and I closed my eyes. I felt heat running through my veins, and my heart was pounding as though it were trying to tell me something.
After everything calmed down, we explored the surrounding buildings and found a supermarket. We took what we needed in terms of both food and aid supplies to treat her mother. We sat and ate without making a sound.
After several hours, we woke up to the sound of shooting. The girl held me tight as the noises came closer. Finally, I smiled at her and told her, ‘You will be okay. You have to live to tell the story. I will go; don’t ever look for me. If you see me, please don’t come close.’
I closed my eyes and heard them getting close, so I moved fast to distract them. I walked in a different direction and then yelled. They followed me, and I took them far away. They made a circle around me like hyenas pouncing on their prey. I smiled and opened my arms; then, I woke up to the shooting sound.



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