John laid back on the couch and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Hassan asking him to open his eyes, as he does, he finds himself in another place. Hassan tells him that it is his secret place. There was a waterfall there and both of them held each other’s hands to walk towards it. They started playing with each other in the water. The playing quickly turned into a romance between the two as they started kissing each other, under the water. Unexpectedly, everything around John turned into a dark void. He saw himself chained up and the ground underneath started crumbling. As the ground split apart, he started falling to no end. There was only darkness, but then a voice prevailed. It was John’s own voice talking to him. It warned him that he was nothing but destruction. Abruptly, John stopped falling and was now floating in the darkness. He was unable to move and saw something approaching towards him very quickly. John screamed, “No,” and woke up.

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