There are countless evils in the world, and one such evil is envy. Envy; an emotion that can destroy everything in its path if a person decides to act on it. We all want something we don’t or can’t have, and when the bitterness of not being able to get that gets to our heads, there is nothing that can stop us from walking on a path of destruction that wrecks not only the object of our desire but also ourselves.

Doors is the story of a young man who escapes from the war-torn Middle East to begin a new life in Canada, where he can finally embrace his true self. Good things don’t always come to those who wait, though. Love, friendship, betrayal, loss, sickness, he experiences it all and makes it out alive, not realizing that the real evil in his life is lurking just beyond his door.

“Hassan did not have any choice but to comply with the will of the mad man. His veins were in immeasurable pain; he could feel his body burning. He was breathing heavily. As Brian kept crying, Hassan walked away. Hassan looked down at his legs and saw the chain. As he looked in front of him, he saw a faceless person chained and the man next to him was wearing all black; he put the sword on the chained man’s neck. Brian stopped to stable the chain in hooks on the wall. Brian started to feed Hassan, but Hassan’s eyes were fixed on the faceless man and the executioner with a sword on the faceless man’s neck.”

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