Hassan was blessed to have both love and friendship in his life. But it had been a long and difficult road for him. Hassan, an Iraqi gay Muslim, was going to experience pain. However, it was not the way one would anticipate the tragedy to play out.

Hassan has finally discovered love. John was forced to fall for Hassan's nature as his jealousy turned into love. Hassan was the most compassionate and sensitive man he had ever encountered. He always went out of his way to make sure John was content. Hassan did everything for John, from choosing out his clothes to making him meals and being there whenever he needed him. Hassan proved to be the one person on whom John could rely. As a result, John revealed his feelings for Hassan.

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He possessed a high level of emotional intelligence, which enabled him to quickly assess people’s emotions and make them feel better. Everyone automatically gravitated toward him because of this. With his warm smile and keen listening skills, he would make people feel at ease. He would devote his entire attention to them, making them feel as though they were the most important person in his life.

Hassan and John made their way to their room, singing their love songs to each other. They began kissing furiously as soon as they entered the room, and John pulled Hassan onto the bed. John climbed on top of Hassan, wrapped his legs around him, and kissed him once more.
"I could remain like this forever," John declared. "Kissing you is the best feeling in the world; I adore your soft lips; they melt in my mouth like butter!"
Hassan responded, " "You have no idea how much I adore you." I'll never be able to put into words how I feel for you. I love you more than I love myself!" are the only words that come close to expressing my feelings.

Brian, Cara's brother, had finally arrived in Toronto. Brian wore his dark black hair in lengthy bangs that cascaded down his brow. Black nail polish was applied to his nails, and Mascara was applied to his eyelids. His appearance was heavily influenced by Gothic style, and his demeanor was similar to Michael Myers': silent, intimidating, and creepy.

John asked Hassan why he wouldn’t rent out the room. Hassan explained that he wanted that room empty for John’s mother so that she could come by and stay whenever she wanted to. Hassan mentioned he was meeting a friend tomorrow and excused himself. However, he could not sleep due to the encounter with Brian.

Brian dressed and entered the living room, where he encountered a man he couldn't take his gaze away from. "I am the savage and illiterate middle eastern!" the man said as he introduced himself. Brian was left with a lot of questions after Hassan moved away. Brian went straight to Hassan to see whether Cara had told him anything. They talked about it, and it was clear that he had overheard them.
"Could you kindly put a stop to it, I truly like him..."
"Stop it!" Cara yelled angrily. You've already ruined our friendship by revealing that he has a boyfriend! That is not to be messed with! "Are you sure you'll keep away from him?"

Cara, Brian, and Hassan agreed to throw a cookout the next day at their house and invited their friends. Brian insisted that Cara bring a date that he had discovered on Grindr. Cara was adamant about not having a stranger in their home.
She wasn't feeling good that day and requested a day off from Hassan. She returned to her room after the call and pulled a photograph from her drawer. When she looked at the photo, it brought back memories from her past. As she held the photograph close to her heart, tears welled up in her eyes. The moment was cut short when Hassan's phone rang.
"You sound low, are you crying?" Hassan inquired, assuming something was hurting Cara.
Cara struggled to find the right words.

Hassan did everything he could to get Cara to laugh. Cara had not intended to laugh, but Hassan, as always, managed to coax it out of her. Hassan spotted an old friend, Kyle, on the way back. He met Kyle and saw how he was staring at Cara, so he invited him over. Cara questioned Hassan about why he did so, as she sensed he was attempting to set her up. Hassan explained that he wanted her to go on with her life and that Kyle would be the appropriate man for her because he had been through a difficult relationship in the past.

Hassan was overjoyed to see his loved ones gathered around him. He couldn't have asked for a better present. He gazed over at John with adoration in his eyes. "My heart only beats for you," Hassan muttered against John's ear, biting on his ear softly. "Well, prove it in bed tonight," John exclaimed, his face beaming. The guests had begun to depart, and everyone agreed that it had been one of the nicest nights they had experienced in a long time. Hassan was taken up in John's arms and carried upstairs, where he was gently placed on the bed. He climbed to the top and proceeded to his neck. For the two of them, it was a night to remember.

Brian had finally found a place for himself a month and a half after the cookout. It was the right kind of place for Brian's personality. A small, dimly lit room with little furniture. A hollow room filled with darkness, with only a mattress and a side table. The good news was that Brian would no longer be able to spew as much hatred as he had been doing while living with Hassan and his buddies. As a result, everything at the previous residence had begun to return to normal.

Ethan instantly realized Daniel was absent from the workplace and enquired of Hassan about his whereabouts.
"The unfortunate guy had to leave in a hurry," Hassan recounted, "because someone from his residence had called and said there was an emergency."
"Oh my!" Ethan exclaimed, sympathetically. I hope everything is going well for you. So, when he returns, could you kindly invite him to pay me a visit in my office?"

Hassan walked out of the office with tears in his eyes, which he managed to disguise from his coworkers. Ethan was furious at Daniel, but he didn't want to make a scene in front of Hassan since he knew it would only make matters worse. "What the heck was that?" Ethan continued with Daniel after Hassan had left. What were you thinking when you spoke those things? What happened to his family, do you have any idea? He lost them after an explosion near their home forced the entire structure to collapse; they didn't forsake him; he discovered him under the rubble! "They were buried alive!" exclaims the narrator.

When Ethan arrived at their home, John chose to take him upstairs to Hassan. Despite the fact that a significant period of time had passed, Hassan was still crying.
"Please don't cry," Ethan told Hassan, "I hate seeing you like this." He sat down next to Hassan and hugged him. "You know we're all here for you; tell us when you're ready to share." Isn't it true that we're all one big family? We'll always be here for you, John, Cara, and I. Please don't cry for us; you already know how much we all adore you.

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