Waking up every day to do the same thing over and over,
Walking the streets, noticing the same people and experiences
Every day, over and over,
The same people, very different faces, but still the same.
I feel like I got lost in the crowd.
I miss myself; I was all I had.
I miss the spontaneous smile—
That shine you can feel from a mile away.
I feel exhausted every day,
And that feeling cannot go away.
I feel lost in the crowd,
And this feeling is bad.
All I think now is to run, jump, and shout
To awaken every thought and mind.
I feel lost in the crowd and am losing my mind.
I looked all around, not sure what I could find.
Maybe one day, I will find myself.
Possibly, the thought will be in-depth,
To find me… and be myself again.

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