Woke up this morning, sky painted grey,
Thought of the words we used to say,
Thought I’d be shattered, lost and apart,
But here I stand with an unbroken heart.

‘Cause I am strong, stronger than before,
Washed away the pain, as the rain began to pour,
The love might be gone, but my spirit won’t depart,
I’ve found strength inside this unbroken heart.

Your memory lingers, like a shadow in the dark,
But every ending, is a brand-new start,
Life’s not about waiting for storms to pass,
It’s learning to dance, letting go of the past.

I am strong, rising like the dawn,
With every tear shed, a new hope is drawn,
This chapter is over, but it’s just a part,
Of the tale of my unyielding, unbroken heart.

In the silence of night, I found my spark,
A resilient flame, lighting up the dark,
You thought you’d break me, tear me apart,
But I’m more than my scars, I’ve got an unbroken heart.

Walking on sunshine, embracing the breeze,
Free from the chains, feeling at ease,
Rediscovered my worth, right from the start,
Embracing life with this unbroken heart.

Because I’m strong, rebuilt from the core,
No longer defined by the love I bore,
Our paths diverged, yet I won’t fall apart,
I’ve become the anthem of an unbroken heart.

Here’s to every tear, every sleepless night,
For they’ve sculpted me, with strength and might,
I’ll move on, follow the stars chart,
Ever forward, with my unbroken heart.


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