In the tender hush of morning light,

Where once two voices called me near,

Now stands a void, both vast and wide,

A silence sharp, a void so clear.

The hands that held me, soft and warm,

That guided steps when I was small,

Are absent now, and in their place,

An aching void, a shadowed hall.

Father’s laughter, Mother’s song,

In memory’s realm, they linger still,

Yet in this world of present tense,

Their absence is a bitter pill.

Their wisdom, once a beacon bright,

Guiding me through life’s thick maze,

Now resonates in quiet thoughts,

In spectral dreams and softened haze.

The love they gave, unbounded, deep,

Can’t be replaced, nor can it wane,

It lives within, a sacred flame,

Despite the heart’s enduring pain.

Yet, in the hush of night’s embrace,

When darkness wraps the world so tight,

I feel their presence, close and kind,

Whispers in the silence, pure and light.

For parents gone, are not truly lost,

In hearts they dwell, forevermore,

Their legacy, a timeless gift,

A bond unbroken, love’s true core.

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