In the garden of the heart where old shadows play,
Lies a whisper of the past, in the light of today.
A tale of love once lost, a melody of pain,
Echoing through time, in every heartbeat’s refrain.

The roses bloom anew, under the sun’s warm gaze,
Yet in their beauty lies, a memory of haze.
For every thorn that pricks, recalls a tear once shed,
In the labyrinth of love, where wary feet now tread.

“Fear not the new dawn,” sings the lark in the sky,
But the heart, in its cage, breathes an ancient sigh.
For it’s not the unknown that keeps the soul confined,
But the echoes of a love, that was once left behind.

In every gentle touch, the past whispers its fear,
A silent storm of ‘what ifs’, clouding what is near.
Yet, brave is the heart that dares to love again,
Walking through the pain, in the hope of rain.

For every new love is a chance to heal,
To repaint old scars, to change how we feel.
In the arms of the present, the past can lose its reign,
And the heart can learn to dance, in the sun and the rain.

So, here’s to the brave, who despite the old pain,
Open their hearts, to love once again.
For in the journey of healing, we find our true might,
In the shadows of a heartbeat, in love’s tender light.

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