In the thrum of life’s relentless pace,
Amid the crowd, I found a face,
A brother’s soul, not born but made,
In casual speech, our kinship laid.

He is the brother I never had,
In every chat, both good and bad,
We speak of stars, of dreams, of flight,
Of random musings into the night.

Sarcasm’s bite, I tend to shun,
Yet with him, it’s all in fun,
A jest, a laugh, a playful mind,
In his words, a comfort find.

A social spirit, I am not,
Long talks with others, I sought not,
But he, with ease, broke through my shell,
In his presence, I rose and fell.

I recall the day, the hour, the minute,
My desk, my work, and all within it,
“Hi,” he greeted, with a question poised,
Annoyance spared, I was surprised.

Now daily rituals we share,
Conversations deep, beyond compare,
A woven tapestry of thought,
In the loom of trust, tightly caught.

Comfort wraps like a cloak around,
In his company, my peace is found,
A bond peculiar, tough, and rare,
Yet of romantic sparks, we’re bare.

Our closeness sparks others’ eyes,
Whispers spread, as do lies,
A couple, they muse, in errant thought,
But sibling love cannot be bought.

Even my love, my heart’s dear guest,
Thinks he knows my soul the best,
Yet what we have is siblinghood’s art,
A platonic symphony of the heart.

He is the brother I always sought,
In the bookstore of life, his story bought,
A chapter of mine, in his heart resides,
Brother and sister, by invisible tides.

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