Woke up to the alarm’s shrill cry,
In a world so groggy, under a sleepy sky.
Stumbled out of bed, to the mirror I did tread,
Saw a face, so alien, filled with unknown dread.

Who are you in the mirror, staring back at me?
A stranger’s gaze, in the morning’s haze, what do you see?
Are you lost or just confused, in life’s relentless maze?
The person in the glass, tell me, are you just a phase?

Echoes of a life once known, now feeling so bizarre,
Reflection spoke of change, of dreams that seemed so far.
In the mirror’s depth, a story untold,
Of a soul adrift, in a world so cold.

Who are you in the mirror, with your sorrowful eyes?
Whispers of forgotten dreams, underneath these skies.
Are you me or someone else, in this life’s disguise?
The person in the glass, what truth behind your lies?

The mirror’s voice, a haunting sound,
Spoke of days lost, of time unbound.
A reflection of fear, of a life astray,
A specter of past, in the light of day.

Tears for a life, in the mirror’s frame,
A manifestation of my innermost shame.
He said, “Live through the pain, seek the light in the rain,”
As he faded away, in my heart remained a stain.

Who were you in the mirror, with your vanishing face?
A symbol of my turmoil, in life’s relentless race.
Are you the truth or just a phase, in time’s embrace?
The person in the glass, in this existential space.

Turned away from the glass, with a heart heavy and sore,
The world outside, more distant than before.
A part of me, in that reflection, forever will dwell,
Searching for answers, in life’s mysterious well.

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