In a realm where the lines between the infernal and the mortal blurred, there existed a devil unlike any other. His name was Marzel, a being of formidable power and fearsome reputation. Yet, beneath his fearsome exterior beat a heart capable of the most human of emotions: love.

Marzel’s world changed the day he saw Liana, a human of unparalleled grace and kindness. She moved through life with a lightness that captivated him, a stark contrast to the shadows he commanded. Despite the nature of his being, Marzel found himself drawn to her, an attraction that defied the laws of nature and the decrees of the divine.

He watched over her, a silent guardian whose presence was as much a curse as a blessing. His love, though profound, was not destined to be reciprocated. Liana, blissfully unaware of the devil’s affection, found love in the arms of a mortal man. Marzel’s heart, unaccustomed to such pain, shattered.

Tragedy struck when Liana’s life was cruelly snatched away by the very humans she belonged to – a victim of fear and misunderstanding. Her death ignited a fury in Marzel that the world had never seen. His sorrow morphed into a wrath that set the skies ablaze, and his cries of anguish echoed through the valleys and mountains.

But it was in the stillness that followed his rampage that Marzel’s true despair revealed itself. Amidst the ruins of his wrath, the devil wept. Tears that burned like acid streamed down his face, scarring the once fearsome visage. His sobs were guttural, a sound that resonated with the agony of loss.

The world around him lay in tatters, a reflection of his fractured soul. The sky wept with him, rain falling in torrents as if nature itself mourned Liana’s passing and Marzel’s broken heart.

In his grief, Marzel withdrew from the world, his sorrow a chasm too deep to fathom. He retreated to the darkest corners of his realm, a place where even shadows feared to linger. Here, he remained, a once mighty devil reduced to a creature of sorrow, forever mourning a love that was never his, a happiness he could never attain.

And so the legend of Marzel’s lament passed into myth, a tale of a devil who loved too deeply and lost too much. It served as a reminder that even in the darkest of beings, there exists the capacity for love – profound, all-consuming, and, in some tragic cases, utterly devastating.

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